The more the merrier, we'd love to have you!

Full Moon: The 21st of every month
Anonymous asked:
guys, which rps are you in? maybe we can meet somehwere else!

If you come off anon we will send you the link! We’d love to have anyone from here over there with us <3

Anonymous asked:
Is this place still alive?

Unfortunately, it is not.

Anonymous asked:
Seems like you guys aren't open, at all. People are away, I get that but, you have three mods and none of you are even keeping up on the main.

To whomever this is, you are being extremely rude and when on anonymous, that is simply unacceptable. While we do not expect you to understand, know that we closed Not A Hero after a very long and heartfelt discussion. Why it was closed falls on the shoulders of players and admins alike, as well as rude and discouraging people like you.

With that being said, good luck in your roleplay future. Good-bye.

General Announcement from the Admins

Unfortunately, we decided to close Not A Hero after so many people fell inactive and there was no furthering the plots already going on. Many of us have moved onto new rpgs and such, but we wish you well!

Will be accepting Care soon!

Anonymous asked:
I hope you guys pick up soon, I'm excited for the new bios to be posted! :)

I hope we do too, darling! Or I’m just gonna rp with myself on the dash mwahah. I am thinking and writing them tomorrow actually, cause I will be done with school till like feb, :) 


[blows up my exams]

Why’d I go to college? Anyway, guys don’t send messages to the main hating on the other admins, alright <3 You guys just keep plotting and doing things, christmas break is coming and we’ll all be around more! I love you guyssss! Tell your friends to apply ;D 

Anonymous asked:
Have you considered changing up the mod team? Because it looks like Kristen is the only one really trying to keep this place alive, not to be rude, but it's hard to keep an active rp when mods in addition to so many members aren't putting forth effort.

We have not considered this, but your opinion is welcome. Tay and I have finals that require our full attention, as most of the RP does as well. When we are able to commit fully to the NAH again, I assure you we will be doing just that. As for keeping the roleplay alive, there are a few ideas that we are going to be talking about once holiday break begins.

  • Jo - Paige
  • Dean - Kayleigh
  • Kol/Jason/Sam/Emma - Jamie
  • Elena/Ivy - Taylor
  • Alaska/Aria/Zack/Damon- Bailey
  • Ashton/Tasha/Luke - Ki
  • Zoe/Meg- Leigh
  • Castiel/Samatha/Alaric - Sarah